The Halsall Foundation Support Rugby Reading Champions in Blackpool Schools

Rugby Reading Champions

With the support of The Halsall Foundation and working alongside the National Literacy Trust, The Fylde Rugby Community Foundation can deliver the Rugby Reading Champions programme once again this academic year to schools in Blackpool. Due to the ongoing support, this has provided primary schools with the opportunity to participate in a unique programme that combines literacy and rugby.

The programme targets children who are not engaging with reading and literacy, providing them with a new and exciting way to learn. Over the course of 10 weeks, participating children learn and practice skills such as skimming text to find answers quickly, finding clues and evidence to support their answers, and expressing their personal thoughts and opinions about the texts they read. They also discover new and different genres of books they may not have otherwise been exposed to.

The programme, which has been running for the past year, targets 15 children per school who are not engaging with reading and literacy. By the end of the programme, this will have been delivered in 15 primary schools across Blackpool, reaching 225 boys and girls from years 5 and 6.

“We are thrilled with the success of the Rugby Reading Champions programme and the positive impact it has had on the participating children and their reading enjoyment” said Phill Mills, Foundation Manager. “We are truly grateful for the support of The Halsall Foundation and look forward to continuing to provide this unique opportunity to more primary schools in Blackpool.”

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