Soroptimist (Fylde) Ltd Sponsors the Streetwise Rugby Programme and Rugby Reading Champions programme Fylde!

Soroptimist Sponsor

Soroptimist (Fylde) Limited, a local grant-giving charity, is the proud sponsor of the Rugby Reading Champions programme, which supports the Fylde Rugby Community Foundation coaches delivering in five local Fylde-based primary schools. The programme provides classroom sessions for 15 selected children per school, who are struggling with reading and literacy. The programme aims to associate reading with sport, specifically rugby union, through 60-minute reading sessions and 60-minute coaching and fun games.

The Charity also sponsors the Streetwise Rugby Programme which includes Streetwise Walking rugby, which is a variant of rugby union that is played at a slower pace, with no running or tackling. The emphasis is on skill, technique, and teamwork, rather than speed and physicality. These are fun, enjoyable community sessions and open to any participants.

The programme is led by experienced Community Rugby Coaches and supported by volunteers from the local community. The sessions are designed to be fun and social, with plenty of opportunities to meet new people and make new friends.

“We are grateful for Soroptimist (Fylde) Limited’s support in sponsoring the Streetwise Rugby Programme and Rugby Reading Champions Fylde,” said Phill Mills, Foundation Manager for The Fylde Rugby Community Foundation. “We believe that these programmes will have a positive impact on participant’s physical and mental health, academic achievement, and overall well-being.”

“Soroptimist (Fylde) Limited has been giving grants to worthwhile projects to benefit residents in the Fylde area for 10 years. These programmes are further excellent examples of initiatives which meet the charity’s objectives of improving education, health and well-being” said Rose Morris from Soroptimist (Fylde) Limited.

For more information on The Fylde Rugby Community Foundation’s programmes or the Streetwise Rugby Programme and Rugby Reading Champions Fylde, please see our website

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