Coastal Walking Rugby Showdown: Lancashire Team Takes on the Rest of the World in a Rainy Rumble

Coastal Walking Rugby Showdown

The Fylde Rugby Community Foundation’s Walking Rugby enthusiasts gathered on Saturday, August 5th, for a thrilling internal match that pitted the Lancashire team against a spirited Rest of the World side. Despite the relentless downpour, the players showcased their passion, camaraderie, and sportsmanship.

The Rest of the World team emerged victorious with an 11-10 tries to win in a closely contested and competitive match. The event, held at Fylde Rugby Club, exemplified the foundation’s dedication to nurturing community, inclusivity, and active living.

Laughter and cheers echoed through the rain as both teams demonstrated their skill and camaraderie, reminding everyone that the joy of sports knows no bounds. The Coastal Walking Rugby management team coordinated a remarkable day of friendly competition and shared experiences.

Following the thrilling match, participants and spectators congregated at Fylde Rugby Club, where they continued to revel in the spirit of rugby. The group watched the England v Wales World Cup Warm-up rugby fixture while enjoying a social and a beer together. The event highlighted the power of sports to unite and uplift spirits.

Evelyn Partners and The National Lottery provide much-needed support, enabling the walking rugby programme and sessions. Their commitment to promoting physical activity and community engagement has been instrumental in driving the Walking Rugby sessions’ popularity.

The Fylde Rugby Community Foundation extends an open invitation to join their Walking Rugby sessions. Completely free of charge, these sessions provide an opportunity for individuals to stay active, make friends, and share memorable moments. For more details or to join, contact Phill at