Porsche Centre Preston Extends Support for Fylde Rugby Foundation for Third Year in a Row

Porsche centre supports Fylde Rugby Community Foundation

Porsche Centre Preston has extended its support of the Fylde Rugby Community Foundation’s Rugby Pathway Programme. This will be the third successive year the Preston car dealership has supported the foundation.

The Fylde Rugby Community Foundation started the Rugby Pathway Programme in September 2020. The Foundation aims to enhance youth engagement in rugby and sports. Porsche Centre Preston’s continued sponsorship supported 25 young beneficiaries in the first year, followed by 15 beneficiaries in the second year, and extended their support to another 15 beneficiaries in the third year, making a total of 55 beneficiaries over three years.

The support includes provisions for transport and kits for the beneficiaries and specialised rugby training.

Phill Mills, who leads the coaching at the Foundation, said: “Porsche Centre Preston’s support will have a profound impact on the lives of 15 deserving children. Their generosity ensures that young individuals who may have faced hardships will now have the incredible opportunity to become mini and junior members of Fylde Rugby Club.

“This membership opens doors to rugby activities and a range of invaluable benefits that contribute to their personal growth, physical well-being, and social development.

“The significance of Porsche Centre Preston’s continued sponsorship reaches far beyond the rugby field. Their support is pivotal in our community programmes and school sessions, furthering a sense of inclusivity and belonging among children who might otherwise have been unable to participate in rugby. The sponsorship’s positive impact on their lives is immense, offering young people a chance to build confidence, make lasting friendships, and develop essential life skills.”

Paul Bowker, Bowker Motor Group’s chief executive and Porsche Centre Preston’s owner, said: “As a family business, we’re proud to help out with local sports in Lancashire. The Fylde Rugby Community Foundation’s Rugby Pathway Programme is a perfect illustration of how grassroots sports can significantly influence our local communities. We are proud to continue our support.”

Tom Fox, managing director at Porsche Centre Preston, added: “It’s great that young people from diverse backgrounds are enjoying the excitement of playing team sports. We are proud to support their progress as the program evolves and remain dedicated to the Foundation’s future.”

Sir Bill Beaumont CBE DL, the Foundation’s Honorary President, said: “Porsche Centre Preston supporting this programme means more young people can play rugby even if they face challenges. Team sports like rugby help young people stay healthy, make friends, and learn important values. This is meaningful, especially for those who might have endured a hard start in life.”