Introducing an Exclusive Benefit from Key Mortgage Advice

The Fylde Rugby Community Foundation are delighted to further announce a new development with the partnership with Key Mortgage Advice whereby they are kindly offering an incredible opportunity to assist towards further funding to support our impactful projects, programmes and sessions.
Sharon, the Company Director, states, “Should anyone associated with the foundation or Fylde Rugby Club be referred to us as a client, we are pleased to offer a 25% rebate of our initial net mortgage lender commissions and broker fees to the foundation. This contribution will significantly support The Foundation’s funding initiatives.”.
If you, or you know of anyone who would benefit from this initiative, please do get in touch with Key Mortgage Advice via the links below. Simply mention the Fylde Rugby Community Foundation to suppport the Foundation in gaining this exclusive benefit.
The Fylde Rugby Community Foundation is extremely grateful to Key Mortgage Advice for this generous incentive. Sponsorship is crucial for funding our programmes as it provides essential financial support, access to resources, enhanced visibility, long-term sustainability, and facilitates community engagement. Without sponsorship, many of our programmes would struggle to cover operational costs, necessary resources, and maintain their activities.
Thank you to Key Mortgage Advice for their continued support and commitment to The Fylde Rugby Community Foundation.
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